Aortic Vascular

Medtronic is committed to providing a complete portfolio of market-leading aortic vascular therapies to treat aneurysm disease:

  • Endurant II, the leading stent graft, available in a 2 or 3-piece configuration
  • Valiant Captivia successfully treats a broad range of pathologies and anatomies
  • EndoAnchor fixation enhances outcomes and durability in EVAR and TEVAR
  • The TourGuide deflectable sheath gives customized vessel access in a single sheath
  • Reliant Stent Graft Balloon provides treatment in thoracic, abdominal, and iliacs in a single balloon
  • The Sentrant introducer sheath offers superior seal and tracking in straight forward and complex anatomies
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Global Aortic Product Catalog

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